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Psalm 104 recorded in 2011

Psalm 104 was recorded and filmed as homage to our roots and parents tradition. 

Psalm 125 recorded in 2020

Psalm 125 was recorded and filmed thanks to the support of the Hebrew Music Museum in Jerusalm and thank to Zalman Shazar center in Jerusalem. 

Psalm 104 recorded in 2021

Second version of Psalm 104 was recoded and filmed by invitation of Luckman Arts center in Los Angeles, California.

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What's so special about the book of Psalms

The longest and perhaps the most widely used, book in all the Bible.

One doesn’t need to have a strong faith or religious believe  to stand in awe of the mesmerizing power of the ancient Psalms book: a treasure trove of the depth of the human spirit.

Millions of yearning souls have related strong feelings to the chants and have poured to them pleas, prayers, hopes, longings, the sorrow of one tormented soul, the heavy calamities of entire communities, deep desires, praises, thanksgiving, fervent faith, heartbreak, vows, wishes, requests, grief over destruction, awakening to resurrection.

The human soul was drained into this book in ancient times, in the Middle Ages, in the Renaissance, in modern times, in our days as well.
across all times and continents,  across oceans and seas, in times of blessing and times of distress, the evolution of the monotheistic human spirit emerges through the pages of the book.

The ancient and sacred words of the chants came from a time when the hymns were engraved in meticulous handwriting on parchment.
They survived times when the Holy Scriptures were a hidden treasure and inaccessible to the public eye, times when they were handed down and learned by heart, passed down from father to son, the path of a pedestrian was measured by the number of psalms recited in the Bible while walking.

Since then they are still here in full bloom and beauty.
The digital age has made the chants available and accessible at any moment and in almost any language.

Judaism attributes great power to the psalms: Many and varied virtues lie in the content of the holy words. Reading the psalms has the power to create miracles, to save, to heal, to solve hardships, to be in peace, to ease, to balance, to drive away bad spirit of fate, to give salve to the sick, healing power, to guide human soul to a good path, to invite a match, to get direction for a good livelihood, to bring power for recovery.
The most important book in Judaism is attributed a great influence on the individual and the community. It is believed to carry a healing spiritual power.

It doesn’t matter if you are complete secularists, avowed atheists, unaffiliated with Judaism, devout Jews, secularists with faith, light traditionalists, you will surely be able to feel this primordial energy that floats constantly.