Production & backstage info

technical needs

Thank You for considering Yamma to your program. 
We always feel honored and privileged for the opportunity to share live music.

We highly appreciate every opportunity to share live music.  We enjoy very much and feel inspired meeting new people
and various audiences far away from home, around the world.

It is our endless love, an enthusiastic mission and a great gift.
We have been working together for over a decade, and can perform in a variety of conditions however
as the technical and physical conditions are good and suitable for our needs, the quality of the performance fits the conditions.


Booking info

Flights The Musical instruments we play are delicate and fragile. They are actually handmade.

These instruments require special care on flights. It is impossible to send them with regular luggage during flights.  
Download a file describing the instruments sizes and descriptions

Technical rider – Yamma is a five-member group however when the conditions can not be provided for us to play fully and richly,

There is an option to perform as a quartet and even as a trio.
Of course the difference is significant and the nature of the concert changes.
we are certainly able to present a variety of options depending on the conditions.
There are videos on our YouTube channel of trio and  quartet formats.
 Stage plan & technical info  – five members – full group
 Download music instruments needed – those instruments are needed in addition

Musicians Bios
Yamma’s musicians are well known in Israel and have high demand in various music productions.
They might be committed to other projects so it is definitely a possibility to have substitutes on tours.
Download Musicians bio – five members – full group

Background info, links
Download Yamma’s information texts, links, reviews, previous festivals 

Hospitality rider – few things that make difference….
Download hospitality rider.

PR & Professional photos to download

full group – five members indoor by Zohar Ron – horizontal photo1 • horizontal photo2 • vertical photo
full group – five members outdoor by Ruth Luar – outdoor1 • outdoor2 (3rd album cover)
full group – five members in each frame by Zohar Ron  – profile photo
Talya G.A Solan – leading singer by Zohar Ron – photo 2019
 Quartet – four members – photo1 • photo2