Yamma members


Talya G.A Solan

Voice, producer, composition, writing

Talya G.A Solan is an independent Israeli singer, songwriter & producer.
Talya has graduated  magna cum laude from the faculty of arts in Tel Aviv University. She has founded Yamma ensemble and The Israeli Ethnic Ensemble with whom she released six albums and keeps performing worldwide. She took part in various international musical collaboration (Kedem Ensemble, Jean-Louis Matinier). Her influences and inspiration derived from ancient times, tribal singing, sacred and secular Jewish chants, exotic natural middle eastern flavors. 

Yonnie Dror

Wind instruments, arranger

Jonathan (Yonnie) Dror is a wind instrument artist that was born and raised in Jerusalem He acquired his formal education at the Buchman Mehta School of Music at Tel Aviv University studying classical flute. 
Growing up in a unique, multicultural and diverse atmosphere stimulated his curiosity to delve into the cultural richness through wind instruments: He began to research and specialize in playing exotic instruments from the Middle East and around the world: duduk, ney, shofar, bansuri, didgeridoo, fujara and many more. His expertise and distinct repertoire and scope, led him to perform and record with Israel’s top stars and most renowned and influential musicians, as well as touring constantly around the world, and performing in major World Music festivals.

Aviv Bahar

Strings, Composer, Arranger

Aviv Bahar specializes in string instruments. was born and raised at Kibbutz Afek and Kibbutz Yodfat. autodidact. Self-taught, specializes in folk string instruments from the East. kopuz, oud, sitar. composing and arranging since early childhood. influenced by Persian, Kurdish, Turkish music. has collaborated with masters of middle eastern music in Israel. In additions to his middle eastern music work and influences Aviv Bahar has released three albums of original Hebrew pop mainstream music and is highly appreciated as a creative musician by the local music community in Israel.

Avri Borochov

Double bass, arranger, sound designer

Avri Borochov was born into a family of artists and musicians. he is a double bass player and a musical producer.  In 2008 he graduated the New School University NY in Jazz composition and performance and since then he is an integral musician of major Israeli music productions.  He took part in family productions (brother Itamar Borochov, father Yisrael Borochov). thanks to his precise, elegant and intelligent touch he became one of greatest and brilliant musicians in Israel.

Nur Bar Goren


Nur Bar Goren plays middle eastern percussion: darbuka, riq, cajon, frame drums. Nur was born and raised in Rosh Pina. his major music influence comes from Turkish & Persian music. Nur conducts percussion workshops for all ages and performs worldwide with various music groups. His music education achieved thanks to private teachers and study at the Safed Jewish and ethnic music Academy. In addition to music Nur enjoys nature, agriculture, martial arts.