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Recent release –  a tribute video to beloved Jerusalem.
The city which is considered to be the Omphalos of the world,
the navel of the earth.
It’s spiritual power inspires people as if the air is charged with the power of the divine spirit.
A holy city to the three major Abrahamic religions.
throughout its long history, Jerusalem has been destroyed, besieged, attacked, captured and recaptured.

There is a belief that peace in Jerusalem will bring peace to the whole world.
In our new video of Psalm 125 we chose to focus on the artisans of Jerusalem, those who engage in hand crafts, old artistic traditions that have been here in Jerusalem since ancient times.

Our 4th album,
To Awaken Love, is almost ready.
 This time all music is original. 
new music. new songs. coming soon.

Recent release - Jerusalem and its artisans. Psalm 125


Ensemble Yamma, Israel’s leading delicate world music ensemble presents original contemporary Hebrew music.

The group members stay true to the character of the Middle East, the region where they were born and raised. The soulful, exotic music is accompanied by ancient musical instruments (kopuz, duduk, hand drums) which are typical of the Middle East.

In addition to this unique art, Yamma also performs the traditional music and material of the various Jewish diasporas. Songs of the Jewish communities from Yemen, Babylon, and Sepharad, as well as Hasidic music, with the fascinating forms and rhythms that have been preserved by generations of Jewish traditions.

Thousands of followers and more than million views at their youtube official channel draw high interest of festivals programmers and directors from all over the world.


Join Talya and the ensemble for an unforgettable interactive music encounter.

With an extensive experience of numerous workshops and interactive concerts around Europe and US, The group invite you to enjoy a taste of their musical heritage. participation is encouraged!

The Ensemble conducts a wide range of educational events: informational sessions, training, workshops and communities residencies for groups of all ages, for professional musicians, music lovers.

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