Dear Yamma followers, concerts bookers, music programmers:

Yamma is launching online live concerts program that is being broadcast privately!

From today, you can register one of our upcoming online concerts or even book a private one.

with private concert you set the date, the time and choose the songs from Yamma's repertoire.

See you on next virtual live broadcast: July 12nd, 20:00 ISR time.

We will perform new music and will be available to chat and answer any questions.

Looking forward meeting you with much excitement


❤️Talya, Yonnie, Aviv, Nur & Avri ❤️

Join us -

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Voice - Talya G.A Solan

Middle eastern percussion - Nur Bar Goren

Middle eastern strings, guitar - Aviv Bahar

Double bass: - Avri Borochov

Duduk, Ney, Flutes, Clarinet - Yonnie Dror

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